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The PTSA would like to thank Principal Hollins and the RHS team for their leadership this week, and SPS and SPD for all they did to keep the students, teachers and staff safe.

The PTSA is motivated and determined to help RHS be a safe and inclusive environment where families, students, and staff from all backgrounds are welcomed and valued. We want RHS to be a community in which students thrive and become the best they can be. We formed an Anti-Racist Resolution in 2020, and a Race and Equity Committee was created. The REC is a working group focused on two initiatives:

1. Education: Provide anti-racism educational experiences and conversation opportunities to encourage a common understanding of the issues among RHS families

2. Support for victims: Make the reporting process for harassment and abuse transparent and accessible to RHS students.

The REC meets the first and third Tuesday nights of each month at 7 p.m. on Zoom. Please email us at for info, and check out our community agreements for these gatherings.

In addition, families are always welcome at the PTSA Board Meetings. Please join us on Monday night, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. RSVP here.

Our school counselor(s) will be in attendance to share some valuable resources to help families support each other through times of stress and uncertainty like the one we have been experiencing this week.

Congratulations to RHS teachers and staff who received a 2021 PTSA mini-grant! These grants, supported by PTSA funds, are designed to enhance curricular and extracurricular activities at RHS.

Beth Orme and Tim Comstock: for supplies to create artwork displays in their classrooms that connect mathematics with each of the heritage months celebrated this year (for example, Navajo weaving in connection to geometry translations for Indigenous Peoples Month).
David Grosskopf, Jordana Hoyt, Karen Kosoglad and Deborah Gallagher: for funds to support The ArtReach Project (a Roosevelt High School legacy program active since 1997), which includes the RHS ArtReach Student Educator Program, based on the RHS Art Collection. 
Roy Merca: to replenish class emergency safety backpacks.
Benjamin Stuart: to purchase a set of books (Footnotes: The Black Artists Who Rewrote the Rules of the Great White Way by Caseen Gaines) for his directing and musical production classes.
Mark Landreville: to purchase a laser printer to be able to provide students with special learning needs with printed copies of whiteboard notes.
Carolyn Kenney Hall: to purchase two sets of books for the language arts department (Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi).
Jean-Marie Kent: to purchase an iPad that will communicate with the XAir sound system used in vocal jazz in order to adjust the sound and balance of every microphone.
Jennifer Wittenberg: to purchase books and supplies to support a community of readers and literacy development in level 1 and 2 Spanish classes.
Genna-Rebecca Bagby-Wright and Carolyn Sabo: to purchase adult coloring books and art supplies for students with high social and emotional learning needs. 
Courtney Judkins and Erin Bailey: to purchase supplies for the Minority Support Group, "The Polka Dot Project."
New PE waiver requirements. Please review the requirements carefully at (Also, see more information below in Counselors Corner)

New special education electives ideas for electives starting in second semester. Principal
Hollins has proposed a music (piano) class for distinct students’ third period with Ms. Kent. We have a piano room with about 16 pianos. We are thinking about how to pair the special education students with other students, like in adaptive PE.

The other two classes are drawing and painting (fifth period) with Karen Kosoglad and drama (fifth period) with Ben Stuart. Both classes will be open to all students, but with an emphasis on  our special education students. The classes need to be planned, and district personnel volunteered to help. We need your input! Please send your feedback to the school. Thanks.

For daily information directly from Roosevelt High School's administration, please check the School News

You can watch the recording of Roosevelt 101 at this link. 
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Approved and Effective September 13, 2021

WE NEED YOU. Membership Matters!

Help us continue our work.

​$30 each for adults
$12 each for students

Questions? Contact


WE NEED YOU. Membership Matters! Help us continue our work.

Questions?  Contact
Debbie Chaleunphonh at

​$30 each for adults
$12 each for students

Our PTSA, in coordination with the Washington State PTA and National PTA, is strongly involved in advocacy on behalf of children and families, working together to amplify the voices of historically marginalized community members, including Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and LGBTQ+ , as well as families of all religious traditions, families experiencing homelessness or disabilities, and families with special education needs. We seek to provide opportunities for diverse groups to learn from each other, and design new programs to support everyone in our community.


The purpose of the Roosevelt High School Special Education PTSA is to support and build community among the parents of SPED students at RHS. We will be holding meetings as an opportunity for parents to share resources, learn from speakers about programs within the district and in the community.

Please send an email for more information.

Co Chair, Maura Dunn 206.498.9872
Co Chair Tracy Brown 206.369.5916 


RHS BOARD (2021-2022)

President: Kathy Gerke

Vice President: Sarah Bricknell

VP of Class Funds: Jennifer Mahlum

VP of Race and Equity: Sarah Swanberg

Treasurer: Christi Nagle

Secretary:  Melissa Cox

Advocacy Chair: Natalya Yudkovsky

Communications & Membership Co-Chairs:
Jill O’Connor and Debbie Chaleunphonh